Group and Charter Tours of Australia

Real Aussie Adventures can organise group and private charter bookings for your specific tour and activity needs in Australia. If you are travelling with your friends or family, or a larger group, then it might be cheaper and more fun to travel on your own tailored tour.

This allows you to choose from an existing itinerary or request something unique to suit your interests. Everything within reason can be customised including vehicle (4wd, minibus or coach), accommodation (hostel to 4 star) and adventure activities to meet your specific needs.

Contact us to get a quote by filling out these basic questions on the enquiry form below so we have a better understanding or your requirements.

Common group charter tours include:

  • Private charter - you simply might have friends, relatives, team or group members who would enjoy the exclusivity of travelling together
  • Educational tours - your school or university might have a specific area of knowledge they wish to pursue in more depth and need the flexibility of their own tour or the resources and support of touring infrastructure to assist.
  • Conference incentives - break out for a day pre or post conference to enjoy the local area that your conference is based in.
  • Special interest tours - you might wish to do a photography, geology, aboriginal culture trip with your local club or society.

Group Charter Enquiry

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