Tours in Karijini National Park

Karijini National Park is located in Western Australia between the towns of Exmouth and Broome. Its situated in an area called the Pilbara known for its mining towns, indigenous population and red earth. Karijini is such a contrast to the rest of the sea offering plunging gorges, pristine swimming holes and lush vegetation.

This remote region of Western Australia has distinctive iron-rich earth and deep gorges that cut through the otherwise arid landscape with water holes that you can walk to and swim in. 

Journey through over two billion years of history as you venture into the winder that is Karijini National Park. The jewel in the crown of Western Austraila Karijini is an adventure playground for those who love hiking and swimming. Karijini National Park is around 1400km north of Perth and 80km north-east of Tom Price. On our Exmouth to Karijini adventure tours, we base ourselves in Tom Price Tourist Park for easy access to Karijini each day. On our Perth to Broome camping turs we do stay right inside the National Park.

There are so many gorges to explore and hike into Karijini National Park that you need 2-3 days to see the most famous and best ones.  On the east side of Karijini, you will find Dales Gorge . From here you can take in a few of the most popular hikes and destinations in Karijini National Park. From the Dales Gorge day-use area you can explore Dales Gorge, Fortescue Falls and Circular Pool. The Gorge Rim walk is the most popular which takes you along the rim of the gorge between Circular Pool Lookout and Fortescue Falls. Waterfalls permanently cascade in this area with green ferns contrasting against the red rock of the gorges.

Weano Gorge offers both easy walks up to the top of the gorge or the more challenging  Class 5 scramble over boulders and narrow passages to Handrail Pool

Hancock Gorge may be the most famous in Karijini National Park but please do not attempt it without a guide to accompany you.  You climb down a ladder to get to the gorge before doing the 'spider walk' to get you to Kermits Pool. 

Karijini is biological diverse as the vegetation varies from grassland to closed forests over its 627,422 hectares. There are over 500 species of plant and tree in the park some of which can only be found in that area of Western Australia. June to September is a great time to visit Karijini National Park as its wildflower season, so we have so many flowers in bloom for you to enjoy while you hike and explore. We have many native animals in the park with Kangaroos, rock wallabies, echidnas, bilby and countless species of reptiles. 

Tours that travel to or from Broome will camp at Karijini National Park to walk into the gorges, see the waterfalls and lookout points in the area. Our 9 day Perth to  Broome camping tour spends time exploring Karijini National Park. If you are starting your trip in Broome, or came down from Darwin we have the Broome to Perth 9 day camping tour where you can also spend time in Karijini. Both these tours have experienced and knowledgeable guides to escort you into the spectacular gorges and natural swimming pools of Karijni National Park.

The Flying Sandgroper tours into Karijini mix adventure, culture and nature as they take you on a journey into this ancient National Park. Our 10 day Perth to Broome tour package includes an adventure into Karijini with The Flying Sandgroper team.  If you are on these adventures you will stay at Tom Price Tourist Park and head into Karijini each day. A total active tour into Karijini for our active travellers to Western Australia. Of course as with all our Real Aussie Adventure Tours we do demand a high level of fitness and participation for the tour. 

Karijini isn't always the easiest spot to get to in Australia but we have plenty of tours that go there. Its well worth the visit as you will come away with lifelong memories and have accomplished hiking challenges you didnt think were possible. 

Circular Pool in Karijini National Parl

4 Day Karijini National Park Tour

Start in Exmouth and head out to Karijini National Park for hiking and exploring

With its spectacular gorges, amazing rock patterns, colors and gorgeous swimming holes, Karijini National Park makes for the ultimate Reef to Range experience when combined with World Heritage Ningaloo Reef. Take our 4 Day Exmouth to Karijini National Park Tour for a full adventure in Western Australia.

40,000 years of culture discovered at Karijini National Park

9 Day Broome to Perth Adventure Tour

Experience bush camping on the West Coast visit all the highlights of Broome to Perth in just 9 days.

Travelling the full length of the West Coast of Western Australia, this trip packs it in and is a classic expedition style of trip. Whether it's snorkeling with Manta Rays, exploring gorges of Karijini National Park or sunning around on a deserted and beautiful beach, the west coast is sure to please.All of this in adventure tour style, which means small groups, bush camping in wild places and heaps of adventure.

Visit the famous Shell Beach on tour

9 Day Perth to Broome Camping Tour

Our camping adventure tour Perth to Broome, enjoy getting off the beaten tracks and bush camping

See West Australia up close and personal on this Perth to Broome 9 day camping tour. You will be in an off-road vehicle with a small group and get off the beaten track. See the famous highlights of the West coast the Pinnacles, Monkey Mia, Coral Bay, Exmouth and Karijini National Park but see them a little differently. Bush camp, drive on the beach, hike the gorges of Karijini get into the WA wilderness on this adventure tour. 

Swim and explore the Ningaloo Reef

10 Day Perth to Broome Camping and Accommodated Tour Package

Explore from Perth to Broome on this combination of West Coast tour and Karijini National Park adventure

Enjoy the vast stretch of open roads dotted with gorges, beaches, reefs and wildlife. Travel on a combination of tours connected by comfortable coach, travel by public bus. A great value package for adventurers wanting to explore the wild west.

Explore the wonder of the West Coast

10 Day Perth to Karijini and Return Camping and Accommodated Tour Package

Join us on this Perth to Karijini National Park adventure tour and return via flight to Perth

The perfect adventure on the West Coast 10 days Perth to Karijini National Park. See the Pinnacles, Kalbarri National Park, Monkey Mia, Coral Bay, Exmouth and the gorges of Karijini National Park. Enjoy the vast stretch of open roads dotted with gorges, beaches, reefs and wildlife. Travel on a combination of tours connected by comfortable coach travel by public bus and then book your own flight to return back to Perth, making the most of your time. A great value package for adventurers wanting to explore the wild west.

Sleep out under the stars in swags on the West Coast

20 Day Perth to Darwin Camping Adventure Tour

Adventure tour on the West Coast, take a 20 day trip from Perth Broome then Broome to Darwin.
$150 Off Special

West Coast adventure from Perth through to Darwin over 20 days. See the Pinnacles, Kalbarri National Park, Monkey Mia, Coral Bay, Exmouth and Karijini National Park. From Broome travel through the Kimberley visiting Tunnel Creek, Windjana Gorge, Bell Gorge, Edith Falls ending the adventure in Darwin. Get off the beaten track and camp on the wild west coast.

Snorkel the Ningaloo Reef

Perth To Broome

Tour along Western Australia's wildly beautiful coast from Broome to Perth.

This adventure tour is set to get your camera clicking as you witness the untouched wilderness of Western Australia. Feel the sand between your toes on Cable Beach, ride a camel at sunset, bathe in waterfalls in Karijini National Park, swim with giant whale sharks and manta rays, snorkel on Ningaloo Reef, camp under the stars and meet the friendly dolphins of Monkey Mia - the wild west awaits you.