The best places to find Australian animals in the wild.

It's a reason many travellers come to Australia. Different animals are more likely to be seen in different parts of the country.

This is our comprehensive guide to seeing popular Native Australian animals in Australia. Plus some fish and birds! We cover the most famous to spot on our tours Kangaroos, Koalas, Crocodiles, Dolphins, Whales, Penguins, Tasmanian Devil and sea lions.  

Of course, you may also get to see Echidnas, Wombats, Emus, Lizards, Goanna's, Wedge Tailed Eagles and Dingos as you travel. The animals below are just those where our tours specifically take you to see these animals or enable you to organize to see them on tour.

On tours, you will either see these animals in the wild or sometimes in wildlife parks. 

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The Northern Territory of Australia, specifically the tropical Top End region near Darwin, is home to saltwater crocodiles. These remarkable predators are at the top of the food chain. Tours to this region include a crocodile wildlife cruise on the Mary River or Yellow Waters, an area with the a very high concentration of crocodiles.

Tours to see Crocodiles:

  • All tours from Darwin that include Kakadu National Park also include a crocodile wildlife cruise.
Monket Mia dolphin encounter 1

Australia is an island continent with plenty of coastline. Dolphins are the friendly residents of the sea. Some places are better than others to see pods of dolphins. We would highly recommend Monkey Mia in Western Australia and also from Sydney you can head to Port Stephens. 

Tours to see Dolphins:

girl with kangaroos Lucky Bay4

You may well see kangaroos hopping along while travelling the highways of Australia. However, if you definitely want to get up close and personal with a 'roo, then wildlife parks will be your best option. Most wildlife parks in Australia let you hand feed and touch Kangaroos. Or you could go to a pretty obviously named place such as Kangaroo Island to see some, er, kangaroos.

Tours to see Kangaroos:

inquisitive koala3

Koalas can be difficult to spot in the wild, they are more endangered than ever. You will have the opportunity to see them in the wild on the 1 day Great Ocean Road tour from Melbourne. Otherwise most wildlife parks will have these cute marsupials and in some you can even get a Koala selfie!

Tours to see Koalas:

marching baby penguins3

The best place to see penguins is at Phillip Island, near Melbourne. The nightly penguin parade is where you can be guaranteed of always seeing penguins. The penguins return to their burrows each night just after dusk after being out at sea all day feeding.

Tours to see Penguins:

tasmanian devil3
Tasmanian Devils

They look cute but pack a pretty fearsome reputation. Tasmanian Devils don't have a particularly cute name either. These carnivorous marsupials are only found in Tasmania. All tours that travel down the east coast of Tasmania go to the Taranna Wildlife Park. This park specialises in breeding Devils, part of a wider conservation effort.

Tours to see Tasmanian Devils:

swimming width whale sharks4
Whale Sharks

Every year huge whale sharks, the world's largest fish, slowly make their migration to Ningaloo Reef, off the coast of Western Australia between Coral Bay and Exmouth, from late April frough to June. You have the possibility of swimming with these harmless creatures by taking a day tour from Exmouth. All the tours that travel to Exmouth have a spare day built into their itinerary so you can do the optional tour.

Tours to see whale sharks:

  • All tours that travel to Exmouth, Western Australia.
Shark diving Port Lincoln 2
Great White Sharks

The chances of being attacked by a Great White Shark while swimming in Australia are extremely low. Lower than getting hit by a car in your home town. Nevertheless, sharks and Australia share a complicated relationship. it's probably because people go swimming in the ocean a lot and feel vulnerable when we aren't at the top of the food chain any longer. Off the coast of South Australia Great White Sharks are in a relative abundance, for an endangered species at least. As part of a tour here you can even observe a shark from the safety of a shark cage.

Tours to see Great White Sharks:

Seals at Kangaroo Island 1921
Sea Lions

Kangaroo Island is pretty famous for its kangaroos, but probably as famous for the sea lions you can also see there. You'll walk along the beautiful beach at Hanson Bay and literally be walking amongst a colony of sea lions basking in the sun.

Tours to see Sea Lions:

As you know there are plenty more native animals and birds in Australia and we hope you get the chance to spot lots more.

For more information check our articles about How to spot Kangaroos and Koalas in the wild in Australia and also our popular post on Whales and Dolphins and when and where to see them. 

Quokka 751

Here are little native Australian animals that look a lot like rats. However, recently they have become the cutest animal due to plenty of pictures on social media. 

The Quokka is only found on Rottnest Island. It is a marsupial-like Kangaroo and Wallaby also found in Australia.

Tours to see Quokka:

All tours to Rottnest Island will take you to see the Quokka.

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